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오존(O3ohn) - kalt(feat. JOONIE) M/V
KPop from Berlin

"The repetition in the video for “Kalt” – which was filmed in Berlin – is clean, simple, and uncomfortable, a Groundhog Day for a lonely soul. The routine of spliff, photobooth, and notepad descends into an act of giving up, of lying on the frozen ground and waiting for something better (or worse) to break the monotony and inspire him to live again. O3ohn, along with female vocalist Joonie, both soothes and acerbates the visuals. O3ohn’s voice is a defeated one, but within it remains the vestiges of hopeful sweetness. “I’m tired of myself,” he sings over a softened, organ-like drone, muted handclaps, fuzzy, spaced-out guitar, and burbling beats, “I know you want to hold onto me… Look at my heart.” Recurring images like the yellow notepad have already appeared in his work, with last year’s “Untitled 01” exploring the balance between creativity and mundanity, adding an intriguing allegorical dimension to a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist." [by Taylor Glasby for dazeddigital]
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