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September 12 2018

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August 19 2018

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August 17 2018

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August 01 2018

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July 31 2018

July 24 2018

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July 20 2018

July 18 2018

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July 10 2018

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June 29 2018

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June 28 2018


Anyone interested in a Berlin Soup Meetup?

I propose c-base as location. Maybe next month?

We could also invite the r/jwd maybe even the r/berlin crowds.
In our sister city, LA! What a cute metal bear cub.
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Finally fixed, but not rolled out that much..
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June 27 2018

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June 26 2018

Digitale Stadt für alle: Ein Rauschen geht durch Berlin
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June 09 2018

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June 07 2018

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