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November 05 2017

June 06 2017

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Don't do this ever!
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November 24 2014

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Berliner Stadtrundflug (aus den späten 70er Jahren)

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August 05 2013

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Bei der Hitze tut etwas Abkühlung in der unklimatisierten U-Bahn gut.
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April 15 2013

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Berlin Bus Tour Timelapse / Zeitraffer

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December 11 2012


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October 31 2012

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Wellensittich entflogen, Farbe egal
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March 16 2012

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In deiner Stadt leben über 3 Millionen
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Chợ Đồng Xuân ở Berlin

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March 11 2012

3 Tage wach
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February 26 2012

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Torpedo Boyz - Ich bin Ausländer (leider zum Glück)

Berlin im Sommer 2010
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The Oscars - The Hut Sut Song

February 04 2012

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Berlin in the 20s

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Tour Around Berlin In 1929
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Berlin Nightlife
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Das Berlinlied
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January 22 2012

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Wir fahren nach Berlin
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Visit Berlin!
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January 11 2012

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So war Berlin 1/5
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So war Berlin 2/5
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